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Royalty Free Movie/Video Music


Well, this has been a long time coming and I have finally accumulated enough music to put my cues online.  More cues will be added regularly, add your name to our mailing list to be notified of new music.  You will find my music is different from the typical ones you would find online. Also, each has a description that may inspire your creativity.  Feel free to peruse to your heart's content.   All music is written by me and the purchase of the track allows you unlimited use.  You don't even have to acknowledge me in the credits (unless you really want to) and I have included a release in the legal section of the site.

I'm not a big company or music mill.  Just a composer with a lot of cues that need a good home. You can listen to the entire track and peruse my entire library.  They are cheap enough to purchase to help me out if you need something for your film, documentary (I have a lot of documentary beds), movie, or personal video. Comments are welcome and I will even write a custom cue for you.  But that's going to cost you. I want to feel like this music is very personal, as am I. Feel free to contact me or ask me anything you need for music cues.  It's just me.  No big company to send you spam every day (I will remove your e-mail personally if you want and you'll never hear from me again), just a guy writing music because I can.

So below are the different categories.  My categories and names are different than you normally see.  They aren't your basic genres.  My music isn't ordinary either, so why compromise? I am uploading new tracks every day so check back often.  And make sure to hit 'refresh' so you load new tracks as they appear.


Please make your selection carefully, I cannot offer refunds once you have downloaded a track.  But I will do everything I can to offer you another file in exchange.  If you have a broken link or damaged file, I will be happy to send you a clean copy.  Again, all these track are complete.  And they're cheap so buy what you like.  Don't forget to refresh all the pages to see new uploads.

Enjoy.  RA

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