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Richard's music is so unique and perfect for all my documentaries and films!  His work on my films was outstanding and a major component to the success of all my projects and we could not have done it without his music. 
- Jennifer Wynne Farmer, Pumpkin Pictures
Richard's music is both creative and impeccable. I have worked with many award-winning composers and orchestrators, and I can honestly say that Richard's talents were reminiscent of those with whom I achieved great success throughout my career.
- Richard M. Sherman, Oscar Winning Composer
Richard is part of the creative force behind our production. His creative talent, live performance background, and dedication to his work makes his music ideal for any situation.
- Scott Finlayson, Formerly Disney Entertainment Development
Richard has composed several scores for The Anglophile Channel, including theme songs and incidental music for shows such as DowntonDish, PoldarkDish and Brit Flix to name a few. Richard’s music has been an invaluable contribution to our success. He is always a pleasure to work with, and we look forward to working with him on more projects.  
Marlise Boland, Executive Producer/The Anglophile Channel
The importance of music to a production cannot be understated.  Richard created such a delightful and carefree flow of music throughout of web series.  We worked with Richard at his home studio while he put the final shine on our series.  He wouldn't quit until he was sure we were pleased with the results.
Kelly Monteith, Creator/Producer
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